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With 23 winemaking properties including 3 châteaux in the region of Bordeaux,  totalling 1 800 hectares of vines, Bonfils are a family of vine growers and winemakers profoundly attached to the land and committed to obtaining the best expression from their terroirs.


Their properties are situated on exceptional terroirs and benefit from particularly well-exposed hillsides. In order to get the best out of these naturally favourable conditions, the Bonfils family have put in place strict specifications; soil analysis, choice of varietals, type of pruning, parcel selection, green harvesting, leaf thinning, limited yields and control of maturities, plus night harvesting to protect the grapes from heat or hand picking for certain domains.


“There are no great wines without a healthy vineyard
and without respect for the earth that nourishes it”

Jean-Michel Bonfils


Bonfils have always favoured reasoned agriculture and tend their vines with great attention in order to limit their impact on the environment. A meticulous approach to the vineyard, the renewal of 30 or so hectares by replanting each year and vigilance with regard to the soils and ecosystems allow an adapted response and the production of truly authentic wines. Their objective is to allow each terroir to reveal all of its subtleties through vines cultivated in perfect harmony with nature.


In parallel Vignobles Bonfils have developed a range of AOC wines which demand particular attention, skill and absolute respect of their individual specifications, given that specific regulations apply to each one. Plus IGP wines in all their extraordinary diversity and with their own particular demands: drip irrigation, labouring of the earth, vineyard management…

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