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Family portraits


Winemakers down the generations since 1870, Jean-Michel Bonfils and his three sons, Olivier, Laurent and Jérôme, are today at the head of one of the largest wine companies in the Languedoc-Roussillon: Vignobles Bonfils.

Jean-Michel, who owes his unconditional love of terroir to his father, has in turn transmitted this passion to his sons. Today he has one clear objective: to make sure that the vines are of excellent quality for the coming 20 years. It is to this end that he has replanted over 450 hectares of vines in 10 years.

Laurent assumes the day to day management of the business. His ambition is to develop Vignobles Bonfils in France and overseas, producing wines which appeal to the tastes of  consumers. He also wishes to develop a luxury  wine tourism offer.

Olivier oversees the winemaking to ensure that the wines are always in line with the Vignobles Bonfils philosophy : quality and value.

Jérôme has responsibility for vineyard management and one of his main task is to co-ordinate and regulate grape supply in order to achieve optimum product quality.


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Domains and Châteaux  in the Languedoc-Roussillon

53 M€

turnover 2012

 (55 % in France)




Hectares of vines.