AOP Languedoc


The Mediterranean-type climate, which is typical throughout the appellation area, is marked by a significantly hot, dry season, mitigated by the effect of the landform. Due to the diversity and unique features of the different areas, major zones have been defined by their weather patterns and soil types.


There is a huge variety of soil types but hard limestone in the garrigue and schist soils are the most widespread. There is also gravel washed down by Languedoc’s rivers.

Permitted grape varieties



Colours and styles

White Languedoc : These wines can be brilliant and vibrant with a fresh palate or golden-hued with a bouquet of ripe fruits.

Rosé Languedoc : Fresh and savoury on the palate, they recall red fruit perfumes of strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry for example.

Red Languedoc : Made from low-cropping old vines, and often matured in casks from the finest oak, these delicious pours are powerful, richly flavoured and tannic and should be aerated in a decanter a few hours before serving.

FRUITY REDS : In their fruity, supple version, the red wines express aromas of violets, sour cherry or sweet liquorice.