AOP Corbières


The dry, sunny and hot Mediterranean climate promotes long growing cycles for vines whilst the north-westerly wind, which blows all year round, reduces the need for spraying.


The Corbières are home to an extensive range of soil types, including schist, sandstone, limestone and marl. The appellation is divided into four characteristic areas: the Hautes – Corbières; the Corbières – Méditerranée; the central Corbières; and the Corbières d'Alaric.

Permitted grape varieties



Colours and styles

White Corbières : great freshness on the palate with citrus and white flower aromas. The wines sport a pale colour with yellow highlights and they are vibrant, aromatic and elegant. 

Rosé Corbières : these are fresh, dynamic, elegant and satisfying wines. They offer intensity and length on the palate with red fruit aromas that can occasionally take on amylic nuances. Some floral notes impart very refined and impeccable balance to the rosés.

Red Corbières : Carignan inevitably leaves its stamp on the profile of wines in the appellation due to its bold frame, its robustness and its powerful tannins, which produce characterful wines.

Grenache introduces finesse and suppleness. Syrah produces deeply coloured, dark wines which are fleshy and rich and develop aromas of violet leaning towards pepper or smoke. Mourvèdre, with its tannin potential and antioxydant powers, is associated with good aromatic potential.