AOP Côtes du Rousillon


The vineyards of Roussillon are exposed to demanding weather. This is the ultimate Mediterranean climate with its hot summers, its mild autumns and winters and its rainfall concentrated in autumn and spring.

Every other day, the region is buffeted primarily by the Tramontane, a dry northerly wind which promotes outstandingly healthy fruit and reduces the need for plant protection products.


The soils are marked by the uplift of the Pyrenees which has shaped the landform and given rise to myriad vineyard sites with distinctive characteristics. The diversity here is unparalleled. 

Permitted grape varieties



Colours and styles

White Côtes du Roussillon : fine, delicate wines driven by citrus and white-fleshed fruit notes and flowery scents.

Rosé Côtes du Roussillon : wines with fresh aromas suggestive of red berry fruits and floral notes.

Red Côtes du Roussillon : fleshy, fruity and spicy wines.