Vignobles Bonfils, four food pairings for the holiday season!

Christmas will be with us in just one month! So why not make the most of the time left to think up some food and wine pairings that will add that special touch to your festive table? From the apéritif, starter and main course to dessert, there’s plenty of scope for being creative, and today we’ve come up with four ideas. What could be on the menu alongside wines by Château Capitoul and Château l’Esparrou? Read on to find out.

24 novembre 2021

Foie gras: the Christmas staple

Served either as an appetiser or a starter, foie gras is the customary festive fare. We suggest pairing it with onion chutney, figs or gingerbread to give it that novel, sweet twist. The combination is enhanced by Rivesaltes Ambré (, a dessert wine by Château l’Esparrou, with notes of orange zest and walnuts. Another advantage is that its copper highlights are the perfect match for the festive decorations of your delicious meal!

Make way for seafood

Are you a seafood enthusiast? If so, why not serve a refreshing platter of oysters? And if not all your guests are drawn to the idea of eating them raw with a squeeze of lemon, you could also serve them hot, grilled in the oven with butter, shallots and white wine. Either way, our suggestion is to pair them with the fresh, elegant white wines OROS Les Portes ( or Rocaille ( by Château Capitoul.

An inviting, convivial dish of meat in a sauce 

If seafood really isn’t to your taste, the traditional dish of meat in a sauce is sure to go down a treat with your guests. There’s turkey, duck breast or a tender fillet of beef, for instance, served with a cep or morel mushroom sauce. Whatever you choose, it will make a great partner for the red Côtes du Roussillon appellation Les Alysses label ( by Château l’Esparrou.

The traditional Christmas log

What about dessert? A really fruity Christmas log, either iced or not, works a treat with the refined notes of rose along with the intense, moreish flavours of the Muscat de Rivesaltes ( by Château l’Esparrou. The combination of the two creates the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness!

How about you? Have any suggestions of your own? If you do, feel free to get our mouths watering by sharing your ideas on our social media – Facebook ( and Instagram (!