Château St-Pierre de Serjac


IGP Pays d'Oc

Grape varieties


Barrel ageing




Spicy, Fruity


The grapes are put into vats after crushing and destemming.

Long macerations with punching down and temperature regulation allow us to extract as much fruit as possible from the grapes.

Food & Wine Pairings

The color is bright and velvety with nice purple hints.

The nose reveals notes of small red berries, blackcurrant and liquorice.

In mouth this is a rich and full bodied red wine with blackcurrant fruit, chocolate and pepper aromas.

Wine & food pairing: barbecued meat dishes, stews, pasta or cheeses.

Tips from the sommelier

Serving temperature



2 years

IGP Pays d'Oc

Grown between the Mediterranean and the mountains, IGP Pays d’Oc varietal wines cover an extensive sun-kissed area from the Camargue to the Vermillion Coast, in the heart of France’s largest wine region which is also renowned for its appellation wines.  

Its climate promotes healthy vines. The IGP Pays d’Oc production area covers the length and breadth of Languedoc-Roussillon:

  • France’s third most sunny region
  • Home to garrigue moorland, pine forests, olive groves, lush meadows, oaks and strawberry trees
  • Promoting synergy with nature
  • Buffeted by 4 regional winds
  • Boasting good soil and weather conditions

Pays d’Oc is such an extensive wine region that it is naturally home to an extraordinary range of soil types, that can vary from sandy terrain along the coast to limestone, schist, clay or stony gravel on the valley floors and hillsides.